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In the last  decade, the world has experienced unprecedented economic expansion.  Foreign products and services never before available in the U.S., today inundate supermarkets, showrooms, and specialized stores, and U.S. goods can also be found all around the world.  Economic globalization is here and we need to take full advantage of the new opportunities that this expansion presents. Unfortunately, lack of intercultural knowledge often limits performance and can affect results.

In today's business world, intercultural training is extremely important as it provides executives and business travelers with the ability to analyze, understand,  adapt, and handle the different ways people act and react depending on their cultural background. On the other hand, lack of intercultural training can cause a cultural shock that may eventually impact productivity and performance in a negative way. 

Intercultural training is not diversity training.   Harvard Business Review published the article "Diversity Training Doesn´t Work" in March 2012, pointing out that merely telling people what they can and cannot say or do when dealing with other cultures is not enough. 

Intercultural training eases the way in global business as it actually explains and points out important historical, political, and social differences between countries, while at the same time it looks for points in common in order  to help everyone feel more comfortable and in command when dealing with other cultures. 

At MES Consulting Services LLC, we  can assist you and your company to successfully travel abroad and/or deal with multicultural teams at home by empowering you and your international executives to better adapt to the necessities that the new global business environment has created, thus saving your company time, stress, and financial resources.   

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We also provide English and Spanish language training, accent reduction,  translation, and voice-over services, as well as translation services in additional languages through our associated companies, Setlr in Europe, and Language Enterprises in the US.  

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