• Intercultural Seminars

    Our seminars provide a brief introduction to the new country, a detailed explanation of its business and social etiquette, the role of women in business, the role of social customs within the local business environment.  They also include important topics like demographics, historical information, social status concept, the local view of time, hierarchies, and figures of authority.

    We provide training on: Mexico, the US, the UK, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, and South Korea.

    All seminars may be presented in English or Spanish.

  • Seminars on Leadership in the Global Environment

    "Global leaders are an emerging class of professionals that are adept at operating in international and multicultural contexts.  Initial research shows that global leaders are a unique breed with identifiable traits".  -  Financial Times, 2012

    Global leaders today face new challenges and must handle situations differently from domestic leaders.  A global mindset allows you to successfully reach out to employees, clients, and colleagues from other cultures. Globalization requires new and sophisticated skills and behaviors to deal with the increasing diversity in business.

    Our seminars include topics such as: Leadership in History: What makes a global leader?; What stimulates international employees?; What are the signs of troubled leadership?; SWOT Analysis; and much more. 

  • Other Seminars

    We offer additional specialized seminars:

    • A TASTE OF MEXICO (Mexico's tourism and culture)





  • Specialized Research

    Prompt and effective research can be the key to a successful international business negotiation.  Important decisions are often based on spur-of-the-moment availability of vital information.  

    Our company specializes in international research, and provides prompt and efficient service to our clients, saving them time and money.

  • Spanish and English Language Instruction

    We provide tailor made language courses in English and Spanish, including accent reduction, and Spanish for Law' Enforcement Personnel and Spanish for Health Care Professionalss.